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Powerhouse are currently undergoing restructuring
and planning future projects, we look forward to updating soon
on what we have planned, watch this space!

Added by Geoff Lawson, 22 April 2016


Suffragette returns!

Suffragette returns to Yvonne Arnaud Mill Studio
on Friday 25th and Saturday 26th September.

We are very pleased to announce that this popular one woman play is to return and would advise early booking, as we sold out with over a week to spare last time out!

Our Tudors by Geoff Lawson

Added by Geoff Lawson, 8 September 2015


Our Tudors by Geoff Lawson

Powerhouse Hot News!

A Brand New Show for 2014!

Powerhouse are pleased to announce, that dates have now been confirmed for 'Suffragette' a one woman play written by Geoff Lawson and starring Anna Loveday.

The play will be on at the Mill Studio at Yvonne Arnaud theatre on Thursday the 12th and Friday 13th June 2014.

The Mill is the perfect venue for the show and we're delighted to have secured these dates. The play will appeal to anyone with an interest in this fascinating period of history and would also be suitable for schools history and drama departments. You can contact Geoff Lawson through this website for further information or email powerhousetheatre@hotmail.co.uk

Our Tudors by Geoff Lawson

Pretty Ugly at Phoenix Theatre!

Powerhouse are also pleased to announce that a youth theatre production of Pretty Ugly will be on at the Phoenix Theatre in Bordon (near Farnham) in November. The play will be directed by Geoff Lawson who will also be running the youth theatre at the Phoenix. We have long felt that Pretty Ugly would lend itself very well to a youth theatre production and really pleased it is now happening.

Pretty Ugly is now published!

Very happy that Pretty Ugly is now published and available to buy via Amazon and Lulu online.

Added by Geoff Lawson, 11 September 2013


Powerhouse are powering on!

Our Tudors by Geoff Lawson

We were delighted with the response to our last project, working with Guildford Action on our homeless drama workshops and performance of Evolving Doors. It was great to have three wonderful second year drama students from Kingston University, Charlotte, Shauna and Amber who made an invaluable contribution to the project.

We are now planning our Autumn activities, which will include the return of the ever popular Our Tudors and will be on at Electric Theatre Guildford and Rose Theatre Kingston. This will be our third visit to the Rose and delighted at the support and encouragment this venue gives us and really pleased to have been asked back. Theatre lives!

Added by Geoff Lawson, 5 June 2013

Evolving Doors

It may be raining outside but all is sunny here at Powerhouse. We are delighted that this year's Homeless project, "Evolving Doors", has been another success. Evolving doors was the latest project, in our continuing work with homeless people in conjunction with Guildford Action.
Regular sessions of devising and workshoping ideas, were formulated and a final performance took place at The Spike. It was great to see everyone rise to the occasion and all deserved praise for their bravery in expressing deep rooted emotions and anxieties with such commitment. We were helped enormously with this project, by second year drama students from Kingston University, Shauna, Amber and Charlotte, who showed real dedication and their warmth and compassion was much appreciated. We've shown once again the power of drama as a tool for channeling ideas, expressing emotion and confronting fears. Read more about this project in TG2 Surrey.
We all hope this valuable work can continue and look forward to hopefully working on another project in 2014.

We were so proud of all who took part. We must say a big thank you to:

Guildford Poyle Charities, Charlie McCafferty
Guildford Borough Council, Debbie Hayter, Kingston Universtity,
Jim Reynolds, Joanne Tester, Sarah West, Guildford Action,
John Redpath and all the staff at The Spike
and of course Amber, Shauna and Charlotte from Kingston University

Here are some words from our Kingston University students who gave so much to the project:

We are drama students at Kingston university and we worked with Power House company and Guildford Action with the drama project. We had a fantastic time preparing and working towards the show and feel that on the whole it was one of the most eye opening and inspirational experience we have accounted whist studying drama. It was pleasure working with people who haven't had the chance to work in the arts and seeing the rewards that come from drama. From this project we have made a great relationship with Power House and Guildford Action and wish to continue working with them and keeping them classes going. We learnt skills that will help us with pushing towards a care in community drama and gain valuable experience working with the homeless.

Amber, Shauna and Charlotte

If you would like to see more information and photos from this performance please see our community page.

Added by Abigail Halley, 24 May 2013

Powering Forward

We have now finished preliminary sessions on our latest homeless project and happy to report that our first session proper went really well and the support and input from our three Kingston University 2nd year drama students Charlotte, Shauna an Amber has been invaluable. We're all very excited at the way this latest project is developing and optimistic that we can once again produce
a memorable piece of theatre.

We're now full steam ahead on our marketing planning for Piratectives/Pirate School, which we're doing at GLive at Easter for two weeks. We're also looking ahead to our next history show, which sees the return of the ever popular Our Tudors, we plan to tour
the show in the autumn and currently setting up venues and dates.

Added by Geoff Lawson, 5 February 2013


We're looking forward to the forthcoming year with exciting projects scheduled for 2013. We start the year with the next phase of our homeless project and would like to welcome Kingston University Performing Arts students - Charlotte, Shauna and Amber who will be working with us. We'll continue to fly the banner for community theatre, the open door policy remains (just knock!) and wish all our friends and colleagues a happy new year!

Added by Abigail Halley, 7 January 2013


Little Sparks has been performed at the Electric Theatre now for over four years but it is moving home!
From 19th January you can find Geoff and his trusty guitar just under the bridge from the theatre at the new children's drop in - the Riverside Centre.
Perfect for little ones over 2, you can come and join the fun every Saturday at 11am. And grown ups can relax with a coffee as their children have fun with joining in songs and stories. See you there!

Added by Abigail Halley, 17 December 2012


It's time to unveil our brand new project... PIRATECTIVES PIRATE SCHOOL!!

Piratectives is a special project for the Easter holidays which is being produced in association with GLive.

During week 1, twenty five 7-11 year olds get the chance to learn all the skills they need to be a fearsome pirate. Each pirate will be awarded with a named character and will appear in the World premiere of Geoff Lawson's new play The Piratectives!

During week 2, the pirates continue rehearsing the play and then perform it alongside professional actors at the end of the week!

If you fancy being a pirate then pirate school will take place on:

1st April - 12th April
10am - 4pm
Your pirate fee will be: £180 with £110 discounted places for additional siblings

If you don't fancy being a pirate you can still be pressganged as an audience member! You can join Captain Scallop and his pirate crew at GLive Studio:

Thursday April 11th & Friday April 12th
3pm and 6pm
Adults £10, Children £8
Recommended 6+

See GLive for details at: www.glive.co.uk

Added by Geoff Lawson, 24 November 2012